UPDATE - Internet Radio Station Requesting Info -
You can help more people hear Lee's great music by requesting his songs on Internet Radio Stations.

There are 3 Internet Radio Stations that play Lee's Music regularly. Wise Radio and Wizard Radio play songs from Live It Up, Slumberland and So I'm Told. Nixa Country plays LIU songs and Fallen. They all take requests and usually play them.

Wise Radio - Listen Here > http://www.live365.com/stations/shynner
Request your favorite Lee songs by sending a tweet to @wise_radio . You can 'like' a song when it's playing by clicking the 'thumbs up' on the webpage.

WIZARD RADIO > http://www.live365.com/stations/wizardfkap
This station plays Lee's songs frequently and on Saturdays they play all Idol songs from 12am to midnight. To request songs, just send a tweet to @Wizard_radio. You can 'like' a song when it's playing by clicking the 'thumbs up' on the webpage.

You can listen to these Live365 stations on your iPod or phone too

NIXA COUNTRY RADIO > http://www.nixacountry.com/index.html
Nixa has been playing LIU songs a lot!
You can tweet requests to @Nixa_Country or click Listen Live on their homepage and then click "request a song". When they play a Lee song you can rate it by clicking on the star on the right to make it 5 stars. Then click on rate.

When any of the stations play a song by Lee you can tweet a message to announce they are playing a Lee song by clicking on the Twitter icon on the station's webpage. The stations probably like to see listeners spreading the word about their station!

Thanks for supporting Lee!
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