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28th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

Here is the full story from the AT:

I went to Comic Con this year with my boss, we work for Marvel Comics, I had a chance to go and see Rob and Kristen first at the BD table and watched these to interact, and then later went to the fan based one, Let me tell you if ther are two people that love each other, it's these two. I don't follow their lives, but was entertained by seeing what they were all about. My boss follows them, after the interviews we were out in the hall Kristen was being intervied by MTV Josh H. she was talking to him and all of the time was looking for Rob she was very fidgety, when she finally saw him she gave him the biggest smile and then she sort of relaxed...I have to say if you have never seen Robert Pattinson in person you are missing something, he is beautiful, his eyes, and the most beautiful skin..When he smiled at her I could have melted myself...

This is to NoName: Are you serious, his hair is part of the movie he just finished, his looks are just wonderful, have you ever seen this guy in person, I have at Comic Con like i said above he is beautiful, skin, eyes,he cannot do anything with his hair. He has to wait to see if there are any reshoots and then he said, he will either grow it back or get it styled...Really, and just to let you know from what I saw at Comic Con it wasn't him that was the jealous type it was her..He was talking to a women with long hair I think they were arguing about what I don't know, but she walked right over to him said something and grabbed his elbow and pulled him away...So before you write anything see what these two are really like....
When we were at Comic Con on Thursday night,we had dinner reservations * Hardrock in San Diego,@Nobu, we had not idea we were there with a dinner party with the company I work for..When we got there the restaurant was packed, only reservations were taken that night. When we entered I did not realize all the stars that were there, as we were escorted to our tables, I was looking around, just to see if I could recognize anyone, and low and behold there on our left was your beloved Robert and Kristen..I must tell you if they were sitting any closer to each other, and it wa a pretty big table, she was preactically in his lap, and fixing his food, it was really cute, reminded me of an old married couple.. He had his arm around her and they looked like they did not know anyone else was in the room......Then Justin Timberlake came in and shook hands with Rob and said hello to Kristen, sat down and we were escorted to our tables...A few feet away from theirs. e

Sorry very long post, like a book. Anyway I sat facing their table. When Justin ordered his food, he was very intently talking to Robert, Kristen seemed to be listening holding Robert's hand. I kept watching trying not to look stupid, I guess I did ok, anyway, Justin finsihed his dinner shook Roberts hand again, he seemed to really like Rob, left and then their was just Robert and Kristen...Again I was laughing so hard, my boss thought I was loaded, Kristen moved extremely close to Rob her right hand sort of diappeared, I think on his leg, and she was all over him like butter on bread...I thought they looked really like a married couple, she was talking to him and staring at him, I was saying to myself, gee he must really have something special...When we left the restaurant, I told my boss, and she started to laugh, she said that she has believed all along that these two have and are in love.....I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you.

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