PLEASE READ !!!! NOT SPAM !!! RT RT RT Ok guys so here it is !!! This means so much to me and I would be so grateful if you guys could help me raise $3000 dollars . My husband Todd is going to run the NYC marathon this November . He will be a member of the National Stroke team and will run to raise money for their charity. Stroke has become very much a part of my life over the past few years and I have thrown myself into researching everything about it. I started experiencing mild symptoms while out on tour with my band We Are The Fallen last year and then when tour ended something a little more serious happened. Im still undergoing tests with my doctors and hope to never experience a full blown stroke. Since getting off tour Ive been able to surround myself with a wonderful medical team. I feel like im in good hands and hope to get back out on the road with my band sooner rather then later lol. Oh how I miss them all !!!! Anyway please help me raise the goal of 3k so Todd can run and I can meet him at the finish line :)
Love you guys !!!! Lets do this

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