FULL TRANSLATION (VG): Reading through the manifesto, Norwegian police have learnt that Anders Behring Breivik planned a 'second operation' after 'breaking out of prison'.

The 1,500 page document has become a vital part of the ongoing investigation of the Oslo blast and Utøya massacre last Friday. Breivik has described a detailed 'survival kit' [which had to be prepared prior to the twin-attacks, ready for him after breaking out of prison], including weapons, ammunition, nutrition, stimulants and cash:

"In a scenario where one can manage to break out of prison, this equipment will enable you to execute a second bonus mission," the manifesto reads.

Breivik also provide details of that alleged second terrorist attack, should he complete his plan of breaking out. Operating with a 'hit list', 3-5 'traitors' are named and has to be 'put down' for being pro-islam. Breivik's wish was to get those names published as a PR stunt designed to affect those individual's political allegiance:

"The list of names should include a disclaimer which explains that they [the named politicians] could be removed [from the list] if they only step away from pro-islamisation."

Breivik's second terrorist attack will be carried out at one of 10-20 'attractive' destinations, which, according to the manifesto, are all protected by armed police.

In addition, the 32-year-old states that prison guards, police or law personnel are required to 'look the other way' [basically ignore his crimes] in order to support the 'Knight' (Knight Templar) in his quest for creating a 'peaceful' society whereby Norwegians will not suffer or be controlled by Islam.

Police are working diligently to establish whether this information can be substantiated, as an entire investigative unit is assigned to reading through Breivik's manifesto. The main target is to identify named individuals, look for what can be other bomb targets, as well as other places of interest.

Europol is also included in this process.

Full story: http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/oslobomben/artikkel.php?artid=10080807

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