Ok so as you all know, this Saturday the 30th of July is the 10 year anniversary of the first release of Is This It. Its a pretty big deal, right? I was trying to think of some way we could all celebrate the anniversary and came up with the idea of making a book full of little messages from fans saying why they love ITI so much, how much of a difference its made to them, what it means to them, favourite songs and why, memories of the first time they heard it or what it reminds them of in general etc etc.
So, the plan is to get as many messages as we can, i'll put them all together in a special book and post it to the Wiz Kid offices. Basically this is just a fun thing for us all to do and our way of saying thanks to The Strokes for making the greatest album EVER. Oh and every person who submits a message will automatically be entered to win a copy of Is This It on vinyl. Ok so recap:

1. Send a message, no more than 200 words, explaining whatever you want about ITI why you love it, memories etc to with your NAME and where you're from. If you want to include a pic of you holding a copy of ITI maybe, thats fine too.

2. Once i get enough messages (hoping for at least 100) i'll put them together all nicely and post it to Wiz Kid.

3. The plan is to have it done before August 27th (the UK release of ITI) so you have until then to submit a message.

4. I will announce the winner of the vinyl also on August 27th, ages away i know but this will take a while to do.

So yeah, thats it. This is open to fans WORLDWIDE, i will post the vinyl to the winner regardless of where they live. Hope you all like the idea and contribute. Spread the worrrrrd. Thanks guys. :)

(Oh just in case anyone is wondering what the book will look like, the plan is to to have a few messages on each page with your name (twitter username also acceptable) where you're from, and pic if you choose to submit one)

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