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24th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

CNet published "Google G+ faces thorny online identity issues" > < My comment:

Long/short: two example of names that have not yet been suspended:
Somename X. Y. (note: c/w periods)
Name O'Something (note: more punctuation)

I was suspended with "Bernard (ben) Tremblay"; told to remove (ben).
I refused, and instead removed the parens. Within minutes my account was back.
My account restored, and I was told "the parens were the problem. We don't allow punctuation in names ..." and the usual boilerplate c/w names. The EMail ended "I've unblocked your account. have a good weekend!"

14hrs later my account was suspended yet again.
Using the review form I sent 2 URLs: and (I have since added

Are Google's actions preemptive? if so, they're pickin' on the wrong terrorist. Are they peremptory? certainly; ,my lower-case "b" causes nobody harm. Are they arbitrary? well, they're certainly not even handed? Are they high-handed and arrogant? sadly, I've never experienced Google as other than.

silly? no ... chilling.
inept. incompetent (No? Look at a G+ comment thread; see permlinks for comments? none. #regession. Now this: have you been active on G+ Try to access your 3rd post, whatever it was. Try to access past posts. Literally dumb. Literally stupid. Literally clumsy ... ham-fisted.)

disappointing. and disheartening to see this from an entity some of us would look to for effective solutions

rum deal

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