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24th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

In their G+ project has given us, the public, a look at how they get things done, more than we'd seen with GBuzz and GWave. It isn't pretty.


see and for context

You (Google) have suspended my account.
First you told me to delete (ben).
I removed the parens and you allowed ben, saying punctuation had been the problem.
Then you suspended my account again.

I see Name X. (c/w period). I see O'Name. I see aoiuf boiuwer ... lower case.

You seem very selective in your suspensions. I will say arbitrary: you Suspend, then rationalize.

And you will deny this. And you will continue to hush me. And you will carry on with this style.

Ever try doing things well? (Notice that comments lack permalink? shows very, very sloppy design.)

I'm regret having come to know you so well. I had a high opinion, and have had, for many years.

your conduct is regretably
Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

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