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23rd Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

If you're interested in how Google treats people, how the explain their policy (and fail to do so), and how they're imposing Name Violation in G+, see


RE: Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers
see +Sai (if he hasn't yet been suspended for his 3rd time) about the document he and others have been co-editing over the past 24hrs

My own heh reaction after having my account suspended yet again:
@bentrem | Bernard (ben) Tremblay

BTW: "delete" over-states. Google presents <b>Profile Not Found</b>, which is bad enough, but in fact and actually accounts are suspended, not deleted.

p.s. from the document:
Currently Google's "community standards" policy on names ( says that Google+ works "best" (and only) in the "identified state". This means that Google+ profiles are required to belong to a single human (businesses are not yet supported), and to "use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you".

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