BREAKING: As promised, full translation of the heartbreaking interview on with one of the victims. Warning, it's pretty horrific stuff..

SUNDVOLLEN/UTØYA: Thorbjørn Vereide (22) explains how Anders Breivik first started shooting [dressed in police uniform], then persisted that it was safe for people to come forward, resulting in even more fatal shootings.

"It's safe to come out. You'll be saved.. I'm a cop!" shouted the assailant as he was stood by the group of which Vereide was part.

Vereide said the following to Norwegian VG:

"We were 30-40 people standing together when he started shooting. When he was done [with us] there were only five or six left of us."

Vereide and the other youths who escaped the horror proceeded to hide in a cave by the water, as shots came flying through the air.

"People were seriously injured, lying all around us. We didn't dare to go out of the cave, fearing that the gunman would discover our whereabouts," Vereide said.

As the interview goes on the 22-year-old is shaking with tears in his eyes, while his voice keeps cracking up. Still he wishes to share his story.

"I've never lost anyone close before. Considering that, it's pretty dramatic to start off by losing 85 great friends."

Vereide describes the assailant as very calm, as he made sure his victims were indeed dead by shooting them twice.

"He just didn't seem to care," he added.

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