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(note:conflicting reports on the condition of those involved in the attack yesterday at the Four Points Sheraton in Hai Al Andaluz)

1 - Yesterday saw hundreds of new leaflets dropped over Tripoli by NATO planes. The leaflets have boosted the morale of residents and militia reached the Security continue to pperpétrer atrocities in Tripoli on behalf of Gaddafi.
The Gaddafi militias tried to quickly collect the hundreds of flyers throughout Tripoli.

2 - Another convoy of trucks of militia Katiba were followed and seen entering a refueling area hidden in Ein Zara near Nasser University.

3 - Free Generation can certify that an armed attack was carried out in the district of Hai Al Andulus / Gergarish next to the Sheraton Hotel. The operation was conducted July 21 at 13:30 local time. We can confirm that the group was able to return but after the operation which involved three RPGs.

We can confirm that Abdullah Senoussi is alive and unharmed, apparently not concerned by the attack.

We can not verify the reports saying that Daw Mansur was injured and taken to hospital for Alkhadra. We will try to check it today.

The operation was carried out by our brothers and sisters of the Youth Coalition of 17 February in Tripoli, the Tripoli Feb 17th Youth Coalition, Friends of Free Movement Generation.

The Free Generation Movement draws attention to the fact that while living, Abdullah Senussi is NOT free. Along with dictator Kadhafi, there is hatred by the people and he is wanted by the international community. They are both anything but healthy.

..... More information when they arrive .....

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