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20th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

Presstorm: Fuck that this is straight Higochoa
Before I start thinking let me relive some stress,

" AKINCILAR you snobby , arrogant , IGNORANT little fucking children! You seriously think hacking one little site will stop a movement for free speech ? HOW DARE YOU challenge us by saying "How dare you rise against to the World" are you fucking serious we are rising up against oppression! IS THIS REALLY coming from a segment of anonymous !? I'm not even going into your rant "Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire?" O MY FUCKING GOD! I understand your Turkish and your English may be bad but I'm assuming you either did not read the page you defaced or your Google translator was broken. I am honestly so disgusted by the ignorance you guys showed that i do not think i even have words for it. "
*shakes it off*
now for the words...

Ok now back to a little more personal writing. Today when i woke up i went straight to twitter to see what was going on in world news. To my surprise it was my project site anonplus.com . It seems the hacker group AKINCILAR decided we were offering too much freedom for the average person and needed us stopped. This is the most ignorant thing i have ever seen. I knew having anon anywhere in our social networks name might cause confusion but this recent defacement just shows how OUT OF CONTROL the anon sheep actually are. We posted about 2 days ago that the name anon+ was giving the wrong idea and idea that undermined what we are tying to do. We released that press release so the ignorant among anonymous would understand that we are journalists not hackers. We wanted a social site everyone could be a part of and not have to worry about being silenced. We are even closer to our goal today. This little hack did absolutely nothing to anything worth while and wouldn't even get a release if it wasn't so apparent that someone not anonymous was controlling these people. This is one of two things. Either 1. Someone hacked our fake development page to try to get anons against us or 2. This one group seriously had no idea what the fuck we were doing. so let me try my hardest to get this across

"Anonplus hükümet sansürü engellemek için yapılmıştı bu yüzden bir hükümet kesinti söz konusu olduğunda bu insanlar hala duymuş olabilir. Dışında da devrim - Bu nedenle, onlar tercih ediyor, hükümet ve sosyal ağ / medya sansür korku kalmadan bir kuvvetlenme araca gereksinim insanlar şimdiye kadar bir ses sahip olmadığını, dünya hükümetleri uzaklaşmış. kullanın.
Bu sosyal ağ isteyenler, bunu yapmak için binlerce dolar üzerine makine binlerce beslemek için kalmadan doğum onlara doğrultarak şeyleri kendi bilgilerimizi daha da olanak tanıyan açık kaynak kodlu bir eğitim ortamı da dahil etmek ve kolaylaştırmak.
Bu sosyal ağ açık iletişim izin fikirler ve insanlar barışı koruma amacıyla bir "kuvvet" veya daha ziyade bir "anlayış" ile olanları ise esasen bir siber-anarşi biçimlendirilmiş çevre "tehdit." Onlar, kendi özgürlük ve özgürlüğü tehdit altında şans onlara karşı durmak isteyenlere karşı kendilerini savunmak için nasıl hakkında bilgi elde etmek mümkün olacak.
Ve ortalama vatandaşın vicdan olmadan ücret boğmaya isteyen şirketler - Bu sosyal ağ alternatif ızgara besleme olmadan para yoluyla para açık alışverişine olanak sağlayacak. Insanlar, kendi para birimi ve rüzgar, güneş ve jeotermal enerji gibi alternatif enerji ile ücret anlamına gelir oluşturmak ve sonra herhangi bir aşırı eBay gibi cezalandırılmış olma korkusu olmadan bir takas / ticaret, sosyal ağ anonplus üzerinden sistem kullanarak kazanç için kullanılabilir ya da diğer benzeri ağlar.
Bu sosyal ağ aslında: aktivistler pano."

now to get these allegations out of the way lets take the elitists statement apart.
This logo suits you more..How dare you rise against to the World..Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire?We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be socialNow all of you go to your doghouse.."

1. How dare we rise against the World.
We rise against the world for many of the same reasons you do, to stop world oppression and give every living soul a voice. Unlike AKINCILARE's statement here we are trying not to be elitist.

2. Do you think that you are the Ottoman Empire?
That we do not, we do however plan to change the world for the better by offering anonymous safe communication and free education. *sarcasm* Hope that evil never gets out to spread *sarcasm end*

3.We told you before that you cannot challenge the world and we will teach you that you can not be social.
We heard you the first time and guess what ? Not you, not the government, that that tool JosephKBlack , and surely no sheep are going to shut us up or make us quite. Since I'm sure some are still wondering let me help you understand.

Anon+ soon to be renamed so that no other anonymous group forgets to read and just acts on impulse. Is being made, you cant stop it. There isn't a Website to dos , hack, or deface. There is no need for a central server and nothing you can do, we kept our enemies so busy that we were able to develop in peace. Sorry to say you failed. You cant stop the truth or people like me who wont back down , I live in the publics lime light and don't fear the things most anonymous guys do. We Expected You. Now before i go I want my loyal readers to know that "anon+" is still being made , it will be hosted for all to see very soon and i am sorry that there is so much ignorance still in our ranks. Once "anon+" is done we will be able to educate those who don't understand the fight or that they are replacing one oppressive regime for another. Thank you and you will see more of me very soon. I hope real anonymous members see how dumb it was to take down a site only calling for freedom of speech and hope for the world. I am truly sorry if you took any offence to this because I love anonymous and that is why I am trying so hard to educate those willing to learn. Never stop learning , even when they try to force you to.

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