Translation of the AJA report about #Brega.
"The latest news that we received from brega from trusted sources , is that Mutasam al #Gaddafi son of Muammar algaddafi has fled Brega to #Sirt , it only emphasizes that it has become hopeless for G troops to keep control of the city and that the Freedom fighters are doing major progress on that front , from the other side still a lot of injured FF are being transported to Ajdabiya , the number of injuries keeps increasing due to the land mines that were implanted by the G troops which were put randomly and in different parts of brega , those mines are being the main obstacle for the FF to move forward , those mines which are made in Belgium have caused major injuries specially to the lower limbs so it’s a big challenge for the FF and they r working hard to overcome them ( the number of mines thought to be implanted in brega are about 40,000 mines which the FF have detonated 800 of until now this shows the major work that will be needed by the FF ) , still big progress on that front and not only there , also we heard that in Gatroon which lays in the very south of Libya on the border laying between Libya , Chad and Niger, there were 7 G troop men killed another 7 captured as well as damage a lot of weapons and gain of ammunition .

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