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The Five is a terrible show. I ultimately fell out of love with Glenn Beck over time, growing sick of his constant doom and gloom and end of the world paranoia.

Still, he put on a serious show, and I respected it. The Five is an attempt to talk about serious issues with a light tone and forced humor. Gutfield does this well on his late-night show Red Eye, but I don't want that same type of humor in what I'd like to be a serious show. Gutfield and the show lacks gravitas.

Dana Perino is a pro. Beckel is okay. But the show is just so much fluff.

Even as a conservative, I'll turn on Hardball with Chris Matthews to get a serious perspective on politics. I don't agree with everything Matthews says, but he is articulate, serious, and has important guests from both the left and right.

The Five went the polar opposite of Beck, from a demagogue to attempted entertainment. I'll keep watching from time to time, and see if they improve.