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The #FFs are advancing towards Tripoli from three directions, more on #Libyaupdates via @al_omari #Libya

Libya, Jul 08, 2011
by Hussein Al-Omari on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 8:50pm
(Sources: Aljazeera)

1. Gaddafi ordered all mosques in Tripoli to be closed during Friday prayers and ordered all people to come pray in the Green Plaza and then go out in a pro Gaddafi demonstration.

2. The head of the supreme council of Fatwa in Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadeq Al-Gharyani, gave a Fatwa that Friday prayer is not permissible in the Green Plaza today (means just this day).

3. Tens of thousands attended the Friday prayer in Tripoli.

4. An audio message from Gaddafi was aired to the demonstrators in the Green Plaza in which he warned NATO countries that hundreds of Libyans will be scarificing their lives to take revenge for what they are doing to lIbya, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth, but we will give them a chance to come back to the ir senses.

5. He said they are jealous of us because Allah gave us oil and they envy us for it and they want it.

6. he said that his regime will not fall due to the air raids because it is the regime of the Libyan people and aksed NATO to quit its bombing.

7. About 5 of the revolutionary fighters were killed and 17 wounded in fights with Gaddaf forces near Misrata.

8. The revolutionary fighters are still advancing toward Tripoli from three directions: the east, the south, and the west.

9. Gaddafi had looted and burned stores in the town of Al-Qawalish (القواليش) prior to losing it to the revolutionary fighters.

10. The revolutionary fighters are fighting Gaddafi forces at the outskirts of Al-Asabiah (الأصابعة) after Al-Qawaleesh about 120 Km south of Tripoli.

11. Next to these towns will be the city of Gharyan overlooking a major highway to Tripoli..

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