Open letter to all Pro-Gadaffi:

I've been wondering in this near 5 month conflict how can you peoples still be supporting a man Like #Gadaffi, a man with a dark story. Let me rewind the time a bit and go back to his beginning 42 years ago:

On september 1st 1969, Muammar Gadaffi take by force the power illegally, seizing power, then in 1977 reorganised the political scene in Libya making it a Jamahiriya( a mass state). Theorically governed by a direct democracy, he himself turn down his official duty as a State Official governer and remain in fact in full command of Libya he auto proclaim himself Guide of the big popular and socialist Libyan arab Jamahiriya or if you prefer Guide of the revolution or Brother's Guide... Am I alone here to see already something wrong, if he have gaved his power to the peoples as he said, how can he still be the one being the one and only Ruler over Libya? What are the people comitee for? How can he be a guide or a brother of the revolution as he proclaimed himself? A guide give advice but take no decisions,a brother protect his own not hurt them when they disagree with him! His own beginning are darkened by one of his biggest lie to Libyans! He was never a guide nor a brother, but a man seeking power, fortune and recognition.

I can not lie and say he did nothing good, I would be a simple liar..he did in fact: free medical service, funds for Libyans studiying abroad, many nice constructions. I can admit this, but sadly the evil in him surpass the good he did for his own peoples!

In 75' things changed! totally!! And the future of Libya would be written in a 111 pages book called simply : THE GREEN BOOK..This was a crazy mix of religion, psycology, philosophy and religion rambling of a mad man in developpement: He ordered for kids in school to have a 2h weekly session to study the green book! It was "intended to be required reading for all Libyans", not mentionning that extracts of the same book are broadcast every day on television and radio, that it's slogans are found on billboards and painted on buildings everywhere in Libya!

Since 1976, april 7th, Gadaffi licenced his revolutionairy comitees to persecute university students and Libyans peoples who had done for only crime: Being an ''alledged'' person who's Opposing to the regime! All this after a mass protest opposing the Gadaffi regime in 76!

Wait !wait! rewind here...

Yes you read right, Gadaffi licenced them to persecute, wasn't he only supposed to be a GUIDE, A BROTHER..?? And he licenced the comitee HE formed himself ( how can a guide form some comitee to wich he have supposevly give power to rule,and order persecution of Libyans, isn't a guide a brother there to show you the right way? not bring you on the wrong path and licenced you for murder! what kind of Guide would this be?). Since 77, Gadaffi ordered yes you read right ORDERED hundreds if not thousands of public hanging in Benghazi, but also in Tripoli for those opposing his view, the same man that auto proclaimed himself a guide, a brother ORDERED, he even attended personally many of those public hanging, making sure to show Libyans he was fully endorsing his own decision of Public hanging for those in huge majority who where not even accused of any criminal act nor put in front a of a judge for a ruling before their public hanging, God's only knows what those man have been trough before being hanged! Torture being a common trend under Gadaffi rule. Isn't murder a badly punished crime by God's law? No matter if you are Christian, Jews or Muslim we are all under the same God, one forbidding from his first
prophet till the last the murder of any beliver,prohibiting mankind to judge of someone else Last breath, this is up to God, not to human kind to decide!

He made those hanging PUBLIC and almost mandatory to assist for resident, why? Isn't that
a great way to instiguate fear into peoples mind, especially for the new generation growing and still at school to whom he
made an obligation to witness those Public hanging! What's the value of a children witnessing someone being hanged if it's
not to instiguate deep fear in his fragile mind, preparing a whole generation to bend under Gadaffi rules without even thinking
of opposing THE GUIDE RULE! His fragile child mind have recorded well the faith of those tempted to rebellion!

In the 80' he decided to ''improve his method'' since public WEEKLY hanging are becoming more and more a routine to Libyans,
he start to target and kill Libyans abroad who are speaking up against his regime in his new rule of ''physical liquidation'', PUSHING EVEN HIS INSULT by refusing the
burrial in Libya of Mohammed M. Ramadan killed in April'80 in london, and for whom 2 Libyans where sentence in London to Life
in prison in sept.80'. Gadaffi simply ordered his body to be sent back to London! HE ORDERED HIS DEATH AND DENIED HIS FAMILLY OF
A BASIC THING AS A PROPER BURRIAL FOR THEIR SON! What kind of a true beliver/Muslim could do this? Kill, hang,torture and refuse
proper burrial to person he himself bring there..With for only answer: WELL, THEY ARE AGAINST THE REGIME!

April in all Libyans mind have become trough the years a dark month, one filled by mass killing and repression toward any rebellion.
The guide as he proclaimed himself have become a murderer, a monster! how an this be? If he was only a guide as portait, how can
it happen? Would different revolutionairy comitee came to all the same conclusion on thousands of cases? Strangely the one concerning
people opposing Gaddafi vision of the future for Libya? Keep in mind revolutionairy comitee where from different tribes wich mean
different visions! And ALL those comitee come to a same and single conclusion of, we need to murder to protect the leader! Come on!
Wake up a bit, use your judgment here! It's clear as cristal that Gadaffi refused any opposition to his vision.

In the 90' many occurence of violence toward civilans opposing Gadaffi regime but one strike the mind and the hearts of Libyans. Abu Saleem massacre would be sadly known as an horrible crime commited by a state supposed to be ruled by the people under the supervision and ''supposed'' good advice of the Guide, the brother Muammar Gadaffi himself... Around 1200 detainee would be killed on june 29th 1996 in Tripoli, the ''official version'' mention that guard had to defend themselves after a evasion attempt!Are we supposed to belive this official version, that few prisoneer wanting to escaped would lead to the death of 1200 detainee?

Are we as rational person supposed to really belive this version??...Well many human right protection agency did not buy it at all, so are the Libyans! The Libyans every year commemorate this awfull event and where everytimes meet with oppresion and violence on
any rally or gathering! The rule where simple in Gadaffi's world, you comply to my rules or you end up being tortured or killed...Where are the revolution comitee here? When are they starting to react and act according to their '' supposed power'' unless truth is exposed here, and that the use and meaning of revolutionairies comitee become questionnable...If they are as per Gaddafi's law responsible of the state and Gadaffi is only there as a fatherly figure to give them advice, how come was no one there to
question Gaddafi rules?? How come no one was there to say hey, I have enough and I refuse to accept more! How come those comitee never even stand up for the justice, rights and well being of their owns?Wouldn't that explain that they where only a screen of smoke to hide Gadaffi dark plan of dividing to better rule over Libya? Wouldn't those comitee hide the dark secret Gadaffi was hiding behind a fake democracy? Wouldn't this be the reason why every voice raising against Gaddafi had as a faith 3 choices, torture, death or run and hide across the world to avoid '' physical liquidation rule'' of Gadaffi?

Before ending let me ask you some questions, some deserving answers....

Can a man ordering the murder, public hanging, illegal imprisonement and torture of his own citizen deserve to rule against his citizen will?

Do you find normal that in same 42 years period the ALL of the DEMOCRATIC country held MANY elections changed presidents and prime minister many times, but not Libya, not a single election?

How does a simple soldier promess to a nice carrer, making a state coup, having no specific richness end up 42 years later one of the most richest man on the planet if he had not robbed his own citizen from money belonging to them?

How can a man being such disrespectfull to his own citizen wills, ambitions and dream expect more than what he is receiving now?

How can this same man who use force again and again and always get trough with it unharmed, be still in power when the people of this same country have been since the 70' repressed from any form of opposition?

How can the entire world kept so silent for so long?

If you are Libyan and support Gadaffi:

How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? Is that what islam teach us?

Is what Gadaffi doing 7allal?

Aren't you see that you are a tool into Gadaffi's hands, that you only serve his purpose?

How can you expect better, more money a better life when the one you support is the one whom is stealing it all to you?

How can you even look at other Libyans struggling and coping with the pain inflicted to their famillies?

How can you even dare supporting a man wich is acting against ALL of what Islam preach for?

How do you sleep at night knowing this man using the name of God in vain, lie, steel and hurt human being and still you support him

To you non-Libyans:

How can you enter this conflict so undeucated about Libya story AND support a monster?

Why are you supporting him: for giving to your country some infrastructures, for the money he bring to your country for his fake public relation skills?

Do you realise that for your own greed, selfishness and lack of education poor Libyans are fighiting to death against the man they now call THE TYRANT. The ones in Tripoli refusing being so scared to even try to protest because since the begining of the uprisings our aunts, cousin, brothers, sisters are dissapering and dying for simply wanting to express their own point of view. Gadaffi have not even a single envy to give them the opportunity, having his own personal plan for Libya called Saif Al Islam Gadaffi!

The answer are simple, Gadaffi repressed completely any possibility for his citizen to express their own view, he totally have took control of Libya in 69 to never let it go, even if his own citizen where requesting it, he simply deniyed them their basic right of deciding as a nation the true destiny of Libya all of what is happening today was meant to be, people been asking for this for decades, those who where strong enough to stand against Gadaffi end up as Martyrs or tortured..Tunisia,Egypt have give the will to Libya to stand once and for all when they took the streets they where received by another trick from Gadaffi to silence them and unecessairy violence was used against a big number of protester leading to many death, no Al Qaeeda here, only Libyans wanting to take the streets and express their aspirations and also remind the world about abu saleem massacre..

Those where the real reason why Libyans exit in the streets, and when blood flow one last time, the people decided this was the last time and they would take the streets and regain the country Gadaffi robbed them 42 years ago or die while trying for the well being of the future generations and the country they love...This is the true story of simple and so real, no Al qaeeda, no NATO conspiracy, but people exiting on Febuary 17th and met by heavy ammunition, pumped by Egypt and Tunisia win, dreaming once again, thinking this time may be the right one..So the day Gadaffi used the guns and heavy artillery well he faced Libyans more determined than ever, to them this is now a question of life or death..THEY HAD ENOUGH!

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