Jim Tavare · @jimtavare

6th Jul 2011 from Twitlonger

Response to Adrian Garrett:
My suspicions of Adrian plagiarising my look and aspects of my act were based on watching this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XryASRSbPYwd. I also pointed out strong similarities between his website and my own, and posted my views on Twitter.

There are other aspects of this performers career, such as his role in 'Pluck' which do not bear any similarity to my act. I made this clear throughout, but hope it was understood that such material should not to be confused with my original complaint.

I acknowledge that a large proportion of Adrian's performances do not reflect the same similarities to my act as seen in the clip.
Adrian claims the performance in the 9 minute clip and other similarities, including website design, are all unfortunate coincidence - routines like the 'faulty mic' were a one-off and not normally part of his set. With the larger proportion of Adrian's act not being similar to my own, i believe it is only fair to accept his word on this.

I am aware of the fact that public bad feeling towards Adrian reached unreasonably high levels as a result of my airing my views on Twitter, and for this I apologise.

I wish Adrian well in his career.

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