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http://t.co/eg0Vm5d Let Cameron & Hunt know what a disaster for them it would be to let Murdoch have BSkyB.

Incidentally they urge you to write the letter in your own words. This is what I said:

Dear Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hunt,

In the light of the recent evidence on how low Rupert Murdoch's empire staff will sink, I am writing to ask you to reconsider the takover of BSkyB by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

This is not the first time staff and third parties have been urged to commit illegalities and get away with it - but the case of Milly Dowler's phone hacking, their tampering with evidence as well as their total disregard for the agony of her family, shows an unacceptable attitude towards people. I do not want a corporation which does this kind of thing to have even more control over British media.

In any case, Murdoch owns quite enough of our media already and I believe that the news is becoming increasingly biased towards the views it promotes.

I am aware there is no law against the takeover and this is why it went through in the first place. Perhaps there should therefore be a law to restrict monopoly of voice in the media in Britain?

The more power this empire is given, the more rules, legalities, and basic decency it will be able to simply ignore. It is doing quite enough of this already.

I call on you to consider drawing up such a law, and at the very least to postpone the takeover until the latest hacking scandal is fully investigated and the concerns of the people heard.

Thank you very much,

Alice Sheppard
Science writer and charity worker
SA62 3HG

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