This is our MJJJusticeProject expressed opinion on the Aaron Carter debacle and it will be the last thing we post on this issue that frankly as had way too much attention brought to it. We won’t engage in any more arguments over him, the family responses or Daphne Barak.

We watched the edited video and our whole purpose of the MJJJP and our stance against the media is proven with this story. This is how they handled Michael Jackson related information for the past 20 yrs. half-truths, lies, misquotes and fabrications of fact. Understand, we are not fans of Aaron Carter and he hemmed and hawed around and speculated what MJ "could" have done.

He should have just said emphatically, 'NO..i never saw it' but we can't control these idiots who get microphones shoved in their faces. In the link to the taped interview of La Toya, she said she told Aaron to refute it and to be careful that the media twists things and they do. Will he? We do not know...this was the best PR and totally FREE for him. It got his name on the national news with all of this brou ha ha.. perhaps he will later but who knows. Furthermore, it’s too late, you can't unbreak an egg.

It was clear that Daphne Barak was on a fishing expedition and she cut and edited that tape quite heavily. We didn't hear him say MJ gave him drugs, in fact we didn’t even hear the word ‘cocaine’. This one has subtitles and of course you must take that with a grain of salt as well. Also, one other thing we’d like you to take into consideration is the inconsistency in his edited statements. The end of the tape, Aaron says "I am gonna protect his legacy" and this statement doesn’t jibe with someone stating that MJ gave them drugs. This is not something someone would say if the first disrespect someone, but that is just our behavioral observation.

Our stance is simple. The story may not have taken wings IF the fan community had been patient and tried to find out if it was a manipulated story or not. If they had just taken a breath and waited to hear LaToya today, this non-story may have died away. Michael always said, "Don't read it, Don't feed it"

Watch CNN, ABC, MSNBC, they all now hawk their Twitter accounts.

They also rely on Twitter these days to SEE what the top story of the day has been. By constantly tweeting "Aaron Carter claims MJ gave him cocaine" the fans basically guaranteed it would be not only be retweeted within the MJ community but also picked up by haters and eventually on the nightly news across the board.

The news agencies are using the Social media boards and WE need to be smarter with what we MAKE a story.

We observed that Frank Cascio tweeted

"I knew Michael for over 25 year and NEVER once did he use cocaine or suggest to anyone else to use cocaine. Never!!!!"
4:30 PM Jun 30th via UberSocial
Retweeted by you and 100+ others

This is the tweet that should have been tweeted and retweeted over and over again, but did it get the same attention?

Also, Benji Madden said some beautiful things about the media lying about Michael and it got written up but - was this tweeted into oblivion?

The news agencies have made it clear that WE are the Social News contributors; we just feel we need to be smart about how they use us.

We truly have the power to change the Michael Jackson landscape but we have to be as calculating and shrewd as the media has been if we are going to turn this around.

Of course, our justice groups are widely dispersed across the globe and we won't always agree on all of the issues and that's what makes a group of fighters stronger; diversity of thought.

MJJJusticeProject -- “Don’t read it, Don't feed it."

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