Im so sad I even have to post this but it seems like I do. So many people have been sending such horrible messages to both myself and James Bassetts family, calling his death fake, calling it attention seeking, calling it a sick joke.... there is only one way to describe Jays death and thats heartbreaking.
NO FANS ARE INVOLVED WITH HANDING THIS BOOK TO GAGA ONLY JAMES' MUM!!! I dont know how many times I have to state this.... no fans are benefitting at all. Firstly I understand that there has been faked deaths to grab gagas attention but even those of you who are skeptical cannot ignore the fact that in this case it is real, too much information is available for it to be fake magazine articles pictures off James' urn in his family home, funeral booklet plus many more, a page containing nearly 1000 members in RIP memory.(if it was fake do you really believe nearly a 1000 people including family would be posting msgs on there?) Family members all over fb. PLUS Lady Gaga's own management have looked closely into this before any comment has been made! This is not a recent attempt to contact Gaga the family of James, friends and myself included have been trying for months! Nobody but James mum is gaining from this and in all honesty can you really think she is 'benefitting' she is a woman in her late thirties in pieces, and I can promise you she would give up lady gaga watching a video about her son in a breath to have her baby boy back. So maybe just maybe even if 90% of you thinks this is fake, and only 10% thinks it may be true look into that 10% and ask if im wrong and this is real what are my stupid heartless opinions achieving apart from causing hurt to a woman and a family who are already suffering so much. Top journalists are reporting James story dont you think if it was fake they would have pounced on it by now???? THEY CANT BECAUSE IT IS REAL

James was my friend I miss him every day I made that video as a small part of the huge attempt everyone was making to fulfil my gorgeous friends last wish. To fulfil part of his dream, this is part of Jay this book, it is one small part of what he left behind, part of his outstanding creativity and belief in the monster family. I am devastated that something made with so much love for Lady gaga and all of us, his monster family can be used to spread so much nastyness and bitterness amongst the very same people! If you are a monster you believe in love, compassion equality so if you are one of the many posting vile comments ask yourself if your actions are that of what we are meant to stand for.

Every one has the freedom to voice what they feel all im asking is that you think before voiceing these comments which are pointless and purely meant to hurt. Who are we to judge each other? The rest of the world Judges us enough. So practice what you preach monsters and be the family you believe in.

To those who have been nothing but supportive my heart will forever bleed rainbow syrup for you, your emails and comments tweets and fb msgs have made me cry, laugh and smile. I know Jay will be dancing in heaven for all of you. YOU make me proud to be a mother fucking monster! PAWS UP I love you! xx

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