LOIC and You (and the Target too!) by Cake (reposted)

LOIC, Low Orbit Ion Canon, a simple flooder used to look like normal traffic on the target end by sending small packets slowly but with enough unique request--target down!

Keywords, 'normal traffic', so please [IMO~Cake] do not bother with vpns or proxies or whatever else you want to hide your attacks with. YES, I am going against everything that has been said to you recently but with common sense and assurance. [FYI] No One has ever been 'arrested' for using LOIC.

You will DoS your proxy rendering it useless (It doesn't matter if you have 9,001)

If everyone is attacking a target using the same VPN then it wouldn't take much for the target to block a whole bunch of packet floods with a single click, blocking one IP.

LOIC attacks are meant to be used without any kind of protection, loic l=low as in packets, reason for low packet is to look more like normal traffic, ie undetected, so you have nothing to worry about when you go in in numbers, and obviously the higher the number the safer AND more affective. The same goes for other flooders that are being used, not just LOIC, the object really is to have a decent amount of "Unique" traffic, so you can can surpass most detections. But if your plan is more along the lines of SQL injections, defacements, social media / email / forum sign-ups, use VPN.

There is a HIVE that you can sometimes connect to (if it is up), this just makes it easier to switch targets and makes sure everyone is on the same target and attacks at the same time, IMO go with manual mode but be sure to watch topic (cmd: /topic) to see if target may have changed as well as attack time. DO NOT attack before the alloted time, it is possible you could put yourself at risk for doing so.

"Grow a pair, you stand with Anonymous? You agree that an LOIC attack is a digital sit-in? Then sit-in, fire your laz0rs, make it affective, go str8." ~Cake

Cake is NOT a lie!

~Cake 24.05.11

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