#FF Special: @KnightNui is the ultimate forum for gaming, Doctor Who and once it was for Lego, but we all obviously grown up a bit and we have other interests like rugby for example. I say we, because I’m a member of @KnightNui from April 2007, calling it my home, and from that time I am enjoying in everything I do on and for this network. Yes, I say network as this isn’t only forum, but magnificent homepage, YouTube Channel which we call KNTV and much more. Young people by years and by heart who like gaming, everything related to Doctor Who and rugby are gathered on the forum everyone bringing his or her own share to the magnificent history and future. @TRofKN and @Grancko as rute admins are those who care for everything to go smoothly. But on the forum not only those three, mentioned above, themes are discussed. We have general discussion forum, where also the most actual themes are discussed, with special Creativity zone where you can show your creativity in writing, CGI modelling and drawing or other graphics skills,. We produce our own @KnightNuiNews based on the most recent happenings of our forum and the whole network and there also are two podcasts to listen to. So, I believe everyone can find something interesting to read, listen to or to discuss. On Tuesday 28th June the forum itself celebrates its 5th anniversary and we are preparing some additional things like articles, documentary and more to celebrate our 5th birthday.

You can find us online on popular sites like YouTube and Twitter, however you won’t find us on Facebook. You can also find us on some gaming sites like IGN @Gametrailers and more.

Our Twitter profile description: KN is the ultimate in independant sites! Or something.

Email: KnightNui.com@googlemail.com

Web presence:
Forum URL: http://www.knightnui.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KnightNui
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/KnightNui
Page URL: http://www.knight-nui.com
Shop: http://www.cafepress.de/KnightNui
Knight-Nui News Twitter: http://twitter.com/KnightNuiNews

Well, if you’re a gamer, Doctor Who or rugby fan, or maybe something else written above attracted you to our forums, you are welcome to join or at least to follow us here on Twitter.

(My humble contribution to get you aware of we are here somewhere and that we are celebrating our 5th birthday. Thank you)

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