Tokio Hotel WORLDWIDE TT FanAction on JUNE 25 at 5pm = (17:00) JAPAN Time. Let's trend: 'TokioHotelVMAJ'.

*NOTE: It's 'TokioHotelVMAJ' without the "#".

On June 25, Tokio Hotel will perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) in Tokyo and they are also nominated, so in honor of that special day, let's trend on Twitter Worldwide: 'TokioHotelVMAJ'.

On June 25 (Saturday) at 5pm = (17:00) JAPAN Time, Tokio Hotel Fans on Twitter should start trending: 'TokioHotelVMAJ'. Add 'TokioHotelVMAJ' to ALL your tweets and tweet and retweet a lot!

The worldwide Fanaction on JUNE 25 (Saturday) to make 'TokioHotelVMAJ' a worldwide TT on Twitter starts at:

Los Angeles- 1am
Seattle- 1am

Denver- 2am
Phoenix- 2am
Guatemala- 2am
El Salvador- 2am

Mexico- 3am
Chicago/ Houston- 3am
Peru- 3am
Colombia- 3am
Ecuador- 3am

Venezuela- 3:30am

New York/ Miami/ Atlanta- 4am
Toronto/Montreal- 4am
Dominican Rep. -4am
Puerto Rico- 4am
Bolivia- 4am
Paraguay- 4am
Chile- 4am

Argentina- 5am
Brazil- 5am
Uruguay- 5am

Portugal- 9am
England- 9am

Germany- 10am
France- 10am
Italy- 10am
Spain- 10am
Switzerland- 10am
Belgium- 10am
Austria- 10am
Poland- 10am
Serbia- 10am
Netherlands- 10am
Denmark- 10am
Sweden- 10am
Norway- 10am
Croatia- 10am

Finland- 11am
Ukraine- 11am
Turkey- 11am
Israel- 11am
Greece- 11am
Romania- 11am

Russia- 12pm

Mumbai/ New Delhi- 1:30pm =(13:30)

Indonesia- 3pm= (15:00)
Vietnam- 3pm

Singapore- 4pm= (16:00)
Philippines- 4pm
Taiwan- 4pm
Malaysia- 4pm
Hong Kong- 4pm

Japan- 5pm (17:00)
Sydney-6pm (18:00)

More info about the time here:

Hope Tokio Hotel wins the MTV Video Music Award Japan for Best Rock Video and have an amazing Live Performance!

Help spread the fanaction please! :)

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