Here we go. Ok Jelena Drama. It happens. Let's get real. You see, yesterday morning something brought attention to my eyes. I was going through my formspring stream and I saw where someone posted a link to this formspring. It was ____________ (Sorry not telling!), it was Justin Bieber's. The thing is though, millions of people can pose as him. You never really know.

Friends, I know this is Justin though. I submitted my very reliable information to @LoveTiffanyAlex Yours truely provided the screenshots. The same info submitted to @XOXOPLB here,

You see, I have proof that that is his Formspring. Justin said "leave me your number and I'll call some of you guys" The convos were brief, but real. He actually called my friend. In other words, I'm not gonna say what was said, but it was real. He answered questions and it was NOT a recording. On his actual page you can see fans freaking out, saying stuff like, "OMG JUSTIN! Thanks so much I'm peeing myself :D <3" Yes, the recieved a call from the sexpanther himself.

Now you're probably thinking, why would he call fans? Wouldn't Scooter not allow that? Scooter probably didn't know. Justin called from a restricted number. He's not dumb ladies. Of course. See his voice was legit. Not some stupid automated message.

Second topic. Jelena break up. You can see screenshots on those two links provided. He was asked several times if he was with Selena or if he was dating anyone. His answers, no and we broke up. This is Justin guys. It was his voice on the phone. My friend did not record it, because she was in complete shock. I will work on getting Justin to call me, so I can record it for you guys. In the meantime, his formspring will only be given to those I trust. Don't bother asking the sources I gave you because they will say the samething.

Now, a hot topic. Atlanta. Selena tweeted she was on her way to Atlanta! Hmm who's there guys, Justin? Perhaps? See, most of you guys will be like Jelena is not over. She's going to Atlanta. If you followed Selena or are a member of her website, you'd know that her mall tour is heading there next. Justin is probably just visiting friends and family. He played some basketball today and stopped by to visit Mama Jan!

A source on tumblr says they know someone who worked at Pinkberry and served Justin when he came inside. The person claimed they heard him say "bros before hoes" hmm? Something sound familiar? Like I said, might be true or false. IDK. I can tell you though, it sounds A LOT like something he would say prior to the formspring incident.

OR. Maybe things will be the complete opposite. Maybe Justin and Selena will meet up in Atlanta. Then you guys say Jelena is alive! Well, have you ever thought that it's for publicity? Justin might be right saying that Jelena is over. Maybe he doesn't want to admit it to the Twitter world, because ladies, we know it would be seen. If you're clever like me though and realize that Justin is an actual teenager with regular teen accounts than you would be smart. Anyone can pose but this is LEGIT. If he says "Jelena is over" YOU GUYS WILL ATTACK HIM. Instead, he prefers to call and talk to his fans who are clever, see? ;) If Jelena meets up, it will be for publicity. All it is.

I believe that Jelena is over. I trust the formspring. Have you guys noticed Justin is tweeting A LOT to fans lately? Last week he never did that as much. He answered a simple question such as, "How are you?". I think that when he was with Selena that changed him in that perspective. He also tweeted Jessica Jarrell and others who he hasn't in awhile. He was also spending "quality time" with Pattie.

Justin also performed at a benefit concert Saturday June 11th in Saratoga, CA. I know a few people who went, one of them met Justin himself. Justin got extra close to the OLLG and people were questioning whether he kissed her or not. Lips, cheeks, or forehead, we don't know. She was definately kissed somewhere though. Video is here: Skip to about 5:10. I believe that this could be revenge in a way on Selena? She wasn't there and Justin clearly touched her at least four times.

Let me know what you think. Anymore questions? DM me on Twitter and if I'm not following you, than mention me. :)

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