@LibyaAlHurraTV Livestream, in conjunction with the @NTC_Of_Libya, would like to clarify that the Livestream founded by Mohamed Nabbous remains a separate entity from the satellite network of the same name recently launched by the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC). The satellite network is owned and operated by the Libyan NTC (similar to NPR in the US and the BBC in the UK). The NTC has honored the memory of Mohamed Nabbous by dedicating the channel to his memory and his desire for a free press.

The Libya Al Hurra Livestream continues to operate in its original form at: www.livestream.com/libya17feb

The two organizations (Libya Al Hurra Livestream and Libya Al Hurra Satellite Network) are separate entities and are operated by completely separate staff members. The content on each channel is separate, with the exception of the common usage of the logo and station identifiers. The Libya Al Hurra satellite channel and the Livestream both use the same name and logo which was created by Mohamed Nabbous and the Benghazi media center staff. The name and logo are used by both organizations as a symbol of unity and the common history they share.

We would like to congratulate the NTC on this historical accomplishment and extend our support to to those who have worked so hard to make Libya Al Hurra a reality.

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