The arresting of peaceful protestors is unacceptable; but how long before the authorities understand that they cannot arrest or imprison and idea?

Our world's 'leaders' cannot grasp concepts outside of a limited and unimaginative system of controls and rules. That actions can take place, things achieved and tasks completed from within a group without leaders is unpleasant for them to behold. They pull away as if confronted with Hentai!

But they have seen this happen; they have seen self-organized power achieve!

There is no going back now, no matter how much they fear change. They do not want to confront achievement without authoritarian powers; they do not want to see people do good without the use of force!

They do not want this because it spells an end to their wasteful and destructive political organizations and elitist wealth and lifestyles.

What has been Seen cannot be Unseen!

They have seen us, they begin to understand that we Legion and they do indeed Expect Us!

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