#Tripoli update - 11/06/2011 via @NIZ_FGM #libya #feb17

The Free Generation Movement - حركة جيل الاحرار ‎-----------------------------------------------------

1- Morale is high in the city with news that Al#Aawiyah is resisting.

2- Groups around Tripoli are continuing preparations for what appears to be the ever closer final phase - The Tripoli ...Chapter.

3- Army officer, and member of FGM, has informed us of the bombing of mobile radar units in Metiga. A nearby tent was untouched and the ground beneath the radars were barely scarred. Such is the incredible accuracy of the munitions being used.

4- In response to Alzawiyah, heavy checkpoints have been placed on the west of the capital. The coastal road has been closed.

5- 2 doctors have been arrested in response to a member of staff passing a note to a journalist revealing the baby being paraded as a NATO victim was actually an RTA victim.

6- FGM members witnesses, first hand, an armed freedom fighter engaging Katiba forces in the AbuSita district. Katiba forces were slow and frantic in their response, demonstrating how ill prepared and how poorly trained they are. It is largely estimated in Tripoli that 60% of armed forces loyal to the illegitimate regime will disappear when freedom fighters definitively engage the capital in the final push to Bab Alazaziyah.

7- Regime men have been witnessed in Jamhuriya Street smashing windows of buildings adjacent to NATO bomb sites in an attempt to mimic collateral damage prior to the arrival of the media.

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