#Libya // #Misurata 10-06-2011 11:20PM
report by Faraj aKweder
Starting friday, Gaddafi's mercenary forces attacked "Dafneya" west of Misurata with tanks, heat and short distance grad missiles, anti-aircrafts type 23 and 14.5 along with a group of troops.
Gaddafi forces hit Dafenya with all the above mentioned heavy artillery although Misurata's revolutionaries managed to block the attack and teach Gaddafi's forces a lesson despite the differences of arms.
Misurta revolationary have also destroyed two of the five Gaddafi tanks which moved towards Dafneya and after blocking the attack, Misurata's revoluationaries attacked back those forces which were situated at "Naeema" east of Zleten having recieved news about around 300 mercenaries who are either dead or injured. the mercanries include Tawareq from west Mali which Gaddafi's terrorist regime brought to kill the Libyan people.
Also today Misrata have sacrified 32 martyrs for the sake of liberating Libya and more than 160 injured currently being taken care of at the Dar Al Hekma Hospital and Red Crescent at Eyyad and Qasr Ahmed and Center of Central Clinics which was reactivated after maintenance which was needed after Gaddafi's forces have stroke when they are at Tripoli's Street in Misurata.

Picture link: http://goo.gl/R52Lt


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