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10th Jun 2011 from Twitlonger

#WETHEPEOPLE #GRIP #immigration #DrugDealers #Standards @DMashak to @ElPasoPatriot in re USA Women marry foreign Drug Dealers...

Well, Can you blame them, US Elected officials have similar lifestyles, but are too fussy with too many requirements. And then, with drug dealers, you don't have to pretend as hard not to be something you are not.

Quote) American Government is Organized Crime
[ I swear it seems true that after they took out Al Capone, after they read his books they just decided to cut out the middle man. ]

Cynical Joke
How are prisons, Congress and the Supreme Court alike?
They are both institutions of higher learning for criminals.

Incite into this sad phenomenon of USA women marrying foreigners known to be drug dealers for the lifestyle.

There is a principle in business of declining organizational hierarchy standard of Quality.

That is to say, that for every level down the organizational hierarchy that you go from top to bottom, the standard of Quality declines.

Therefore, the leader of any organization must set their standards high enough so that by the time the expected standard of quality is communicated to the bottom rung, front line employees, who actually interact with customers, their performance meets the standards of quality customers will find acceptable or better.

When you have Politicians acting criminally and setting a standard of ethics at "plausible deniability" rather than "absolute right and wrong", how can you expect the standard of ethics of the average citizen, let alone less advantaged citizens, to be better than the Politicians. The Politicians who like it or not set the standard of integrity for our American Society.

How can we be upset or surprised when persons less advantaged than ourselves making choices based on the life choices of our politician role models.

Our Politicians are promoting a cultural attitude where A HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING trumps moral or ethical considerations.

Most of these USA women who marry foreign Drug Dealers would probably prefer to marry US Congressmen, but there are more drug dealers with HIGH STANDARDS of living and no morals than there are Congressmen.

Those were my thoughts.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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