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8th Jun 2011 from Twitbird Pro

[Daigo talk about JJ in ボンピーガール] She studied Korean too! So that when she meets Jaejoong-San she'll be able to have one-talk (short conversation) with him in Korean! She stduied a lot...amazing! She's a 'Jaejooniest' to this point! 'Jaejooniest' she loves him very much.

(on the bed as well)
Daigo: Jaejoong-san's cushion and stuff!
Director: why does she have a picture in this place (the bed he means)
Daigo: so that when she sleeps
Director: can you try too?
Daigo: seriously? I feel like I've done this before (Referring to a previous episode of the show where he slept on a girl's bed)
Daigo: it happens like this right? Ah today was very exhausting.. With this kind of feeling.. Ah I'm very tired I want to be healed! For now I'll sleep~ good night~ Jaejoong good night
Director: she might even give a kiss?
Daigo: she does
Director: try doing it
Daigo: no way! That's dangerous. I will get scolded later

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