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8th Jun 2011 from Twitlonger

[FANACCOUNT] everyone waited a long time right? i'll just write briefly.
at the 7pm show, our jaejoong smiled alot, and he was super happy. (i wasn't at the 2pm show)
i think this is the happiest he's been since the tour.
because he's performing in japan after a long time, at first i was worried he'll cry. but he was jumping about happily, kept smiling, he was in a super good mood...

in the past, there was a rule that we could only hold red lightsticks, so everyone would hold red. but today, there wasn't such a rule, oh gosh, there were so many green lightsticks! (held a green lightstick in japan for the first time), i felt there's almost as many green as red. although i'm aware of jaejoong's high popularity in japan, but it seems as though all the jaefans were determined to be united today. this is good...
because i was late, i didn't manage to get the fan, sad...
the audience was too hyped up.. the atmosphere is so high it's not a joke... jaejoong told us to calm down twice, haha, afraid the audience will run wild?
it was very quiet during ballads, it felt like a breeze's caress~~ other than that, during dance numbers, (everyone) went crazy. screaming, cheering, everything was louder than before... i guess it's because we haven't met for a long time. a fanboy tore his throat out and shouted a few times. jaejoong joked "is this the one who came in the afternoon show?" i couldn't hear what he shouted though.

it's mainly jaejoong who did the talking, when he said he was worried whether people will come, fans went "EHHH~~~~" he also said even though we're of different nationalities, our hearts are linked... although i'm korean, i teared up on hearing this.

regardless, this long-awaited japan live is the most passionate one i've seen out of the 10+ i've been to. i can't describe the atmosphere in words but i could feel that we are all interlinked. they walked around alot in this 360degrees stage in every song, so no matter where you're at, you'll be able to see them...

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