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7th Jun 2011 from Twitlonger

*First there"s a strict word of caution.. Ready is not for those who love content cinema (including me) like Home Delivery,Love Story 2050,Kites. Ready never comes close to these films.
*Firstly the Star Cast which doesnt hav any of my favourites like SRK,Arjun Rampal,Viviek Oberoi, etc who atleast hav cleared my dues even if the film has failed.
*Plus the point two You promote the film like it is a comedy movie but i cant find where is the comedy in the movie. Real comedy comes when Rizvan Khan travels entire America to make the President say His child wasnt a terrorist
*The real comedy comes when Amrish Puri doesnt lets Tara Singh marry Sakina
*And those who feel Ready is funny they should seriously take lessons from me that what exactly comedy is.. Else u dont have a life
*Then comes cinematography,, By the way, i dont know what it means but in so many years of reviewing i hav learnt that it is the term used for doing photography during cinema. I didnt see anyone taking photo of cinema so overall we can say that Cinematography of the movie was poor
*Screenplay OMG. it was horrible. the man sitting next to me couldnt see the screen clearly because the man in front of us used to stand every now and then so how can you say screenplay was good. Directors should pay special attention to this that no one stands while the show was on
*Interval was also not upto the mark.. The popcorn rates hav gone high since the last time and most importantly this time as they didnt pay me so i had to buy it myself
*What to say about the second half.. i didnt like it.i was expecting sumthing like Spiderman flying in the air rescuing the PRINCESS OF PERSIA taking her back to THE LOST WORLD but nothing happened.. It was just comedy and comedy evrywhere. and this is the minus point of the film. How could there be comedy in a comedy film// HAvnt u seen TMK?

So overall i can say the film was 1+0.5+3=2 stars

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