I am not taking anything away from Guida, he did what he needs to do and actually has no choice to do something different. But, Pettis was attacking on his feet, and he was attacking on the ground, non stop. There should be something done with refereeing, otherwise we are gonna see way more of these fights, we are already seeing some. If somebody takes you down, but can't really get the better of the person he took down, they, at least, shouldn't count that takedown.

Its what I have been saying for a long time, if somebody takes you down and just holds you, they should count that takedown AGAINST him. Now, this was of course not the case with Guida, so you can give him the takedown, but on the ground, all the attacks (pretty much) came from Pettis, I am just saying, that should count for something as well.

People say, "Yeah, but submission escapes should count for something as well", yes, but NEVER more then the submission attacks.

Like I said in an earlier tweet, if somebody attacks on the feet, and the other one just defends, and only "once a while" throws something back. Then , even when the person who attacks doesn't land a strike, HE is the aggressor, and in a striking match, HE will win the fight if it goes to a decision.
In a ground fight, the guy who goes for submissions should be awarded more then the guy who defends them and only "once a while" tries one of his own, exactly the same as standing.

That's my thought about this whole thing, again, I don't wanna take something away from Guida, he played a smart game, but it needs to be said.

Godspeed and Party on!!

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