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4th Jun 2011 from Twitlonger

#WETHEPEOPLE @DRM1701 @tread_not @GOPMatt @JENin140 @kelichko @10inch45 @leyalely @Patilynnw Thanks for the #affirmation

For We Patriots on and behind the Front lines SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, it is nice to hear reaffirmation that our direction and efforts are appreciated.

The arrogance, blow back and retaliation from the politicians, who most of America only know as the smiling faces on TV, is unbelievable.

As importantly, politics is like fashion: most people just follow the herd.

It is important that persons such as yourselves retweet and comment on the ideas, beliefs, positions and perceptions of reality espoused by others...

There are lots of Sheople, who do not think for themselves. They based their believes on the background "buzz" surrounding them.

The First Enlightenment was achieved through books, coffee houses, debating clubs and universal libraries from 1650-1800AD. These forums and inventions greatly accelerated the follow if information and the exchange of ideas. The Ruling class of the time was overwhelmed by and unable to suppress the General Public who were so enlightened.

Twitter and facebook and the internet in general, represent a similar acceleration of the exchange of information and ideas that occurred during the 1st Enlightenment. The ruling class is being overwhelmed by the empowerment the General Public has via the internet.

The corporate major media influences how the General Public thinks through propaganda, censorship and indoctrination. To get the General Public to think differently than major media directs, we need the General public to hear new ideas, new ways of thinking and new perceptions of reality contrary to the "buzz" of major media. And we need the General Public to hear new ideas and perceptions of reality being re-mentioned and reaffirmed by the people they choose to "follow" on twitter and facebook, their friends and neighbors and their coworkers gathered around the water cooler.

Thank you for all that each of you do.

Make sure you thank other renegades and free thinkers who also deserve credit, affirmation and encouragement for their efforts in restoring the liberties and freedoms prescribed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

That which does not kill me makes me stronger - Nietzsche

Those were my thoughts.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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