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3rd Jun 2011 from Twitlonger

1. It is hard to say who is more pissed off about the latest E Coli cucumber outbreak the German Vegetarian Society or the German Lesbian Group :D

2. BREAKING NEWS: European sex toy industry predicts weekly profits of +400% in light of cucumber scare.

3. BBC News website: "Cucumber Fear Spreads in Europe". This is great news for sex toy manufacturers across the EU.

4. German government urges not to eat cucumber and always cover cucumber in a condom if plan on using it as a sex toy.

5. RT @BBCNews_UK #BBCNEWS Anger is growing in Spain, where the government and farmers are demandig compensation for being blamed as the source of the E. coli outbreak

6. RT @OhBlimey Breaking News: President Merkel admits scrapping nuclear power causes E. coli

7. BBC News headline: "Mystery of why 'cucumber' E. coli strain affects women in particular" Sometimes these just write themselves.

8. Germany confused as to why women are more affected by cucumber e. coli am I the only one with the dirty mind here?

9. Merkel defends E. coli reaction to Zapatero: Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended the German public health authorities

10. The World Health Organization said 86 percent of those sickened were adults, and two-thirds were women..aint that intresting :D

11. RT @Aug24: BBC ask why e coli cucumber affects more women than men. Err, because it's salad :)

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