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SNSD Yuri, Son Ye Jin, Han Ye Seul - Gay Triangle... could this be true?...

" The topic of discussion these days is the talk of two popular actresses, A and B, who are both infatuated with F and are taking different approaches. A attended a party with F, allowing F to broaden her social network while B either calls F to her home or spends some "cozy time" with her in a car. B might be aware that A recently bought F a car. Both A and B have wrapped up their filming but both are disappointed because they cannot spend as much time as they'll like with F due to F's overseas promotions. B's entourage has said "B seems to be really lovestruck right now to the point that her filming's disturbed/her filming has been hard to focus on." An industry insider has also said "F isn't the type of person who can easily refuse and therefore hasn't been able to refuse both A and B's phone calls. At the moment she seems close with them both but no one's really sure of her true feelings." "

The epitome of purity, top star actress A is crazy for C, a member of a popular girl group.
A starred in a drama last year with a male idol, D, and was able to meet C through him.
Because of C's busy overseas promotions, A misses/is unable to see her and supposedly has even gone overseas just to meet her.
I don't know if it's because C's a hoobae that she cannot refuse (her advances) but C just does whatever she wants/as she sees fit and the managers are said to be going through a huge headache because of this right now.

Even though A has a large group of writers she hangs out with, she only sees the tall and sexy C in her eyes.
A expressing her affections to C without restriction or hesitation by saying C is a better MC than the current one is raising rumors not only amongst the reporters but also the broadcasting stations.

Korea is very sensitive and has a negative outlook to homosexuality
I'm really curious as to what will happen if it becomes known that A, who has such a pure image, as fallen for girl group member C.
If it's for C, A is prepared to unleash a scandal with a male because she's a powerful sunbae. (meaning she can withstand the "scandal" since she's a well-known and beloved star)

A= Son Ye Jin
B= Han Ye Seul
C= Yuri
D= Im Seulong

The male idol who starred in 'Personal Taste' with SYJ last year is Im Seulong.
Im Seulong is close with Yuri... that's why he was asked to introduce Yuri to SYJ.... the one with a lot of overseas promotions and members as well as a sexy image is Yuri...

A who has hooked C up with those involved in the film industry as well as Director Jang Jin and a new car - Son Ye Jin
B who has recently had a hit-and-run scandal - Han Ye Seul

Could this have been the cause for SM's slump?...

cr: original writer, 진실추구

A= Son Ye Jin
B= Han Ye Seul
C= Yuri
D= Im Seulong
F= Yuri..

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