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29th May 2011 from Twitlonger

Here is a little rap/poem I wrote

42 years of oppression
42 years of oppression
Every Libyan heart was in Depression
But 17th February came
And Libyan hearts were aflame in pain
His mecernaries and troops killing as if it was a game
People Came from Tobruk to Tripoli
Waving our three coloured flag proudly
But the Jaban and his Jurdan decided to come
Shooting everywhere with a gun
Gaddafi had no idea what had became
Al Shabab al Libi decided it's time for the end of his reign
Al Tahrir Bengazi, Tobruk, Al Baida, Az Zawiya and Misrata came
However for Az Zawyia this was short lived
Coming under attack from every side
Women and Children went inside to hide
And his promise of Zenga Zenga was true
They did things that could never undo
They killed the men and raped the women
Every Libyan heart was in Ruin
This happened in Tripoli, Zuwara, Gharyan
Every city where there were Jurdan
But then Heroes and Martyrs came
Like Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo who came
And relived Bengazi's heart of Pain
And Mohammed Nabbous
Who was showing everyone
The Destruction
Wallahi dem7oum mish arghis
Lakan they helped our struggle to be free
And inshallah we will be free

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