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29th May 2011 from Twitlonger

TRIPOLI UPDATE - 28th MAY 2011 - MUST READ #libya #feb17 from Niz @Niz_FGM


Widespread, unarmed protests in the district of soug al jomaa yesterday. High security response using live ammunition. Protesters began throwing rocks at the security. As a result we witnessed a very high level of security today to oppress further notions of dissent. This, combined with previous flare up in Ben Ashour, shows continued increasing momentum of dissent

Recently arrested individuals quote interrogator from the Internal Security apparatus as saying 'Katiba in Tripoli are now fighting a losing battle'.

Meeting with other activist groups today. Many groups preparing hundreds of independence flags and banners and loud speakers in anticipation for the final push in Tripoli.

Pamphlets and leaflets litter the streets of Tripoli showing morale raising slogans and independence flags.

Many previously loyal gaddafi supporters now openly talking of frustration of the lies on State TV. Most of the gadaffi loyalists our group spoke to wont switch loyalties but are very disheartened and disillusioned. They are unlikely to put up a fight for the regime. It appears the regime is losing its legitimacy even with its own loyalists.

Our latest act of civil disobedience in defiance of the tyrant regime is being reported on major arabic networks including Aljazeera.

Our group, the Free Generation Movement, has set up its first twitter account. @Niz_FGM. Arabic account and website coming soon, as well as more defiance on the streets of our great Capital.

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