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I get emails from across spectrum of my fellow citizens. I present this email, not as an endorsement but as food for thought. The first video is pretty intense. I do not agree with a lot of what the man says, but I understand some of his thought process and almost all of his anger.

My fellow citizens, We outnumber and surround the politicians. All we need to do to change our circumstance is to stop voting for the incumbents and the other puppets the Ruling Class pretends with have a choice about. But that is a topic for another day.

My point is, as you read this consider the upside of doing something now politically before an angry, irrational mob erupts and we find out self surrounded by anarchy. The choice is yours. The angry mob is forming... Do you want to force peaceful change upon the Government through the political process or do you want it forced upon you by some angry mob with no guarantee of a favorable result....

That having been said, on to the email sent to me, which was the inspiration for the foregoing....


After decades of work trying to protect my rights and the rights of my fellow Citizens, I have taken a step back and questioned WHY.
WHY do we have NO RIGHTS?
WHY is it all an ILLUSION?

In the video linked below, the speaker talks about going to court and arguing the constitution; and the court determining YOU HAVE NO STANDING. This has happened to me. I argued my constitutionally secured rights had been violated, and the judged decided I had no standing, and the court of appeals upheld that decision.

While John Hutchison and I were in the Gulf of Mexico working to reverse the damage done by the BP oil disaster and the chemical dispersant (Corexit), I repeatedly contacted all the local, state and federal authorities. The U.S. Coast Guard was spraying the water AND people with the Corexit, poisoning them. In my communication with the Chief of the Coast Guard, I demanded they stop spraying, stop poisoning people. The spraying continued.

There is NO country by the People, for the People.

No one came to save the people poisoned by BP and the government of the United States.
There were millions of people that organized a Ron Paul for president campaign..liberty, freedom, rights...yet only a handful of people kept the information of the genocide in the Gulf reported on the internet. WHY?

There are huge amounts of radiation (from the Japan nuclear disaster) amassing over the Northern Hemisphere. WHY are the nations of the world not over in Japan doing everything possible to save this planet?

We are all slaves.
And we will continue to be slaves until WE decide to be FREE.

The following video is hard hitting. There is profanity.

I suggest you watch. Or not, and choose to ignore the reality.

I am NOT endorsing violence of any kind.
Violence is "man's system".
I suggest we BECOME WHO WE ARE...
WHO we were before we were "programmed by man".

If you want to know WHAT you can do, maybe this will help your understanding:
Those were the thoughts of the writer who sent this email to me...

In my humble opinion, without your peaceful participation, a violent revolution by people you may not share much common ground with.

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