[ATTENTION] Dear Cassies, this is a summary of what happened earlier this day on the 25th March.

A YunJae fansite on Facebook posted a comment, saying that Mr Egg (@elbowyeish) said that Jaejoong dislikes Twitter, but no Cassie has ever saw that post made by Mr Egg. After awhile, that YunJae fansite on Facebook deleted that post, but it was too late.

Later on, YunJae shippers begin to bash Mr Egg in both Twitter and Facebook, and at the same time a TVXQ fanbase (@TVXQ_ngakak) started a trending project "YUNJAEback" because they miss YunJae.

Cassies then misunderstood that Mr Egg says he dislikes YunJae and everyone begins to bash him. The truth is, Mr Egg did not say anything about YunJae. However, he did indirectly mention that he doesn't like pairings. This may be because he thinks or knows that JYJ are straight, and is uncomfortable at the thought of JYJ being homosexuals. This is his personal opinion, so please respect him.

After this incident and all the bashing, Jaejoong tweeted "Why is it so noisy?". I personally think that Jaejoong is talking about us, because Cassies are bashing his friend.

Please stop all these. Cassies should stay united and support TVXQ forever! AKTF!

Written by: Founder of DONGBANGHEAVEN, Kim Jiyeon.

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