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25th May 2011 from Twitlonger

Protect Your Care Statement on NY-26

“Although the polls have now closed, because of the court order obtained by the Corwin campaign there may not be a winner certified tonight but there already was a clear loser – anyone who supports the Republican budget that ends Medicare. The only reason this race in a red district, that John McCain won, was even competitive was because of the rejection – especially by seniors – of the Republican budget that ends Medicare.

“This is not just our take, it is demonstrated by Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty refusing to clearly say if they will support a plan that even Newt Gingrich called ‘radical’ and ‘right-wing social engineering.’ It is why a growing number of Republican Senators will be voting against it this week.

“The message the people in NY-26 sent tonight was loud and clear – hands off our Medicare.”


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