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24th May 2011 from Twitlonger

#aecon2 For @cantrockmyworld The Train Incident
I won a Jensen coffee lounge but like last week Jared and Jensen wanted to the last one together and we got both of them. I started q-ing quite early because I wanted to sit next to Jensen (I'm not even ashamed I am that obsessed). We sat down in a circle and when J2 came in I was holding on to my glass of water for dear life. They were super incedibly nice like all the time at the con and it felt so much less awkward than I felt at the photo ops.

Jared asked whether we all knew the train story and most people did except for a few and I said also said I had heard the story a few times already because my friends had been at his coffee lounge yesterday. It was quite a bit noisy so I think Jared only heard the part when I said "my friends told me the story" and Jared pretended to be angry (angry? I'm not sure what emotion he was playing but he was just kidding) and turned to me and said "Were your friends on the train, did the see what happened, how do they know??". It seems there had been people who took pictures and Jensen told us to check youtube for a crazy tall American guy who stops all trains. Anyway he said he'd give us the short version of the story, the cliff notes, but of course he did not ;)

So Jared, Gen and Richard were visiting Amsterdam which they absolutely adored and which was so much more then just the red lights district and the drugs everbody talks about in the US. Also Jared explained that drugs had never been his thing although he enjoys a beer or two.

Anyway, I'm not a 100% sure at which train station it happened because they came from Amsterdam but Jared made it look like everybody there was German. I guess it was just a German train.

They had six bags for three people and Jared told Gen he would take care of the bags, trying to be a good husband and all. So he started hoisting all the bags into the train and I think they went looking for their reserved seats.

After they had stowed away their bags Gen suddenly asked where they grey suitcase was. And Jared acted the whole thing out perfectly and he made this panicky face when they were searching for the missing bag. They saw the bag outside on the platform and Jared wanted to open the door to get it -- it was right in front of the door and he showed us how he could've just grabed it (showing off his perfect ass this way, he he) -- so he pushed the green "open" button but the door wouldn't open. So he pushed the red "closing" butten. He pressed them at the same time but the door still did not open.

There was a woman standing outside who'd seen the bag and looked at it confusedly so Jared & Richard started hammering against he door and pointing wildley at the bag "That's ours! That's our bag!". The woman though just went "Eh" and shrugged which was pretty damn hilarious. So yeah, the train took off and the grey suitcase was still at the platform. Jared said if it had been his bag he would've just been like "Duh, silly me" and gotten on with it but it was Gen's bag and she had all those pretty dresses and shoes and a purse her parents got her for graduation so he couldn't just leave it there. So things of sentimental value but also things you could sell easily.

The train was moving and he tried to find the conductor so he started running and people had to move out of the way for tall crazy American. He came to the end of the train but then there was nobody in the driver's cabin! "BUT WHO'S DRIVING THE TRAIN?!", Jensen shouted at the top of his lungs. It kinda became a catch phrase after that. Apparently "dumb Americans or maybe just this one" didn't know that there are two driver's cabins and that the conductor would walk from one end to the other when they changed directions.

Anyway, no train conductor and the train was moving really fast because it was a high speed train. Jared ran back to where he came from and just didn't know what to do. So there was this glass that said "DO NOT BREAK" so Jared broke the glass, and then there was this button so Jared pushed the button. The train came to a screeching halt -- Jared kept on making this eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh noise whenever he imitated the train stopping.

Apparently Jared did not really know what would happen when he pushed the button, maybe ther'd be alarms? A train official came running and she shouted "Who's dying!? Who's hurt!? Who pushed the button!? What's wrong?!" "NOBODY'S DRIVING THE TRAIN!!" Jensen shouted again & Jared agreed he should've said that. Instead he replied meekly "I left my wife's bag at the platform". It was so funny how he told it in this small voice, adorable <3 The woman explained that he had not only stopped this train but ALL the trains (so they wouldn't crash into each other) and they were already kilometers away from the train station. I don't know what Jared was thinking, well, not too much I suppose, because what did he expect them to do? Turn around the train?

The woman told Jared that he'd have to pay a fine of €150 and Jared got those big eyes and said "150 THOUSAND?!?!" but no only €150 xD In his panel Richard said "That's a parking ticket in LA!". I'm not sure who said what but either Jared or Jensen said Jared should've pretended to be on The Vampire Diaries to get out of the whole ordeal and then the other J said Jared should've said his name was Ian Somerhalder. Maybe he should've said he was Canadian? Jensen thinks that by now they are almost as good as Canadians. But Jared had been so high on adrenaline he couldn't think of this cunning plan.

I think Richard had said that Jared only got off easily because he is "tall and gorgeous" and if he'd been the one who pushed the button officials would've tackled him to the ground.

So at the next stop they had decided Gen would get off and take a train back to gather up the bag (they were afraid Jared & Richard would be too late). The woman had called the train station to tell them about the bag. In the end Jared & Gen wanted to meet up again (don't ask me at what city). They said they would meet at platform 5 because he had been on the one end and Gen had arrived at the other. Jared walked by platform 5 but there was no Gen so he kept walking towards Gen'sdirection. Gen's mobile was running low on battery so communication became difficult. They talked again and Gen said she was at platform 5 but where was no Jared. After a moment or two they figured out that one of them was at the airport's train station and the other was at the main station. Everyone was laughing so hard because we all knew how complicated travelling can be and because everything that could go wrong really did go wrong.

I believe they only met up at Mannheim train station -- where the con was. On the train Jared had tried to take a nap and Richard was nice enough to move so he could put up his enormously large feet (which costs €40 as a train conductor told me yesterday -__-). There were two open beer bottles on the table in front of Jared and when the train stopped he heard the moving over the table and grabbed them instinctivly.

It really wasn't his day, his hand was bruised and cut, he has lost his wife and now he had almost soaked himself with beer. Apropos beer, I found it very funny that they drank beer on the train, like they would use every chance they got to drink beer in public since it's not allowed in the US.

Mark's reaction when he heard the train story was kinda like this: "YOU BLOODY IDIOT! I´ve lived in Europe my whole life and always wanted to do it and you´re only here for like two weeks and get away with it!"

So what we've learned from this con was "PUSH THE BUTTON!", that was Jared's advise for all of us. He thinks everybody should do it. We decided that whenever a train, the tram or a bus comes too late Jared once again PUSHED THE BUTTON.

I won't complain or anything because I got to oggle at Jensen AND Jared but I would've rather we had a proper q&a. Again, this is not me complaining. Even now I can't say if I'd rather have another j2 coffee lounge or a Jensen one.

Jensen & Jared ar even more gorgeous in real life, I know it's hard to believe.

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