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21st May 2011 from Twitlonger


As I'm sure you know, this year is the 10th anniversary of our beloved My Chemical Romance. So how are we celebrating? An almighty fan video!

Some of you may know that I am an One Night Only fan. We did this kind of video for ONO and the band actually saw it! Imagine MCR seeing this! This is basically what we want to recreate:

But Killjoys I know you are the most creative people on the planet. We want this to be as creative as possible!

Here's the idea: As this is celebrating 10 years of MCR, we will do 4 songs, one from each album. (It may not be the full song, depends how many people take part)
We will be getting you guys to vote on the songs you would like to mime and submit artwork for. (When there is an instrumental part of a song, we will show artwork)

We want it to be creative/funny/emotional/inspiring and all the good stuff! An example could be Vampire Money: Someone could dress up as Gerard and do all the 'Well are you ready Ray?' etc. parts and 3 other people could be dressed up as Ray, Frank and Mikey for the beginning.

At the moment we just need to know who wants to be involved. When we have enough names, lines to mime will be given out (you can request lines, but may not 100% get it) We will probably make a seperate Tumblr or Twitter which will contain all the updates on what's going on.

You can dance, mime or do whatever you want with your line(s)

Want to be involved? Either tweet myself @FuckYeahWayBros or @CassieKilljoy93 and we will keep a record of all of the names :)


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