Official position of KBS on JYJ issue: how can you expect us to speak the truth! :

> This is a blog article from internet media Medius. The first half is reporting and rebutting the KBS incident as already discussed elsewhere, thus omitted. The latter half as seen below is lightly touching on a more fundamental issue which might not be familiar to international fans <

A while ago, singer Baek Jiyoung made a very meaningful comment, during her appearance on Strong Heart program, concerning KARA members often shown on TV with their head hung down while being surrounded by media reporters at airports. It was not a mere question but an argument aimed at Korean media:``Why on earth should these kids keep their head down?``

It is not so rare that lawsuit ensues between management companies and their entertainers. However, it was far away from being democratic that the media was showing unfriendly attitude toward JYJ and KARA related issues.

Though the relationship b/w broadcasting station and idol management company is veiled in secrecy within the industry sphere that we are not supposed to know the exact truth, the deportment of broadcasting stations restricting JYJ can have an impact of indirect threat and warning for entertainers not to cause any discord with their management companies. The importance of JYJ broadcast appearance lies right there. To entertainers, broadcast is the essential grounds for their career to depend upon. It is cruel and base to intimidate people with a source of livelihood.

Neverthless, this attitude of KBS is not deviating from their usual routine these days if we consider how they demoted, as a disciplinary punishment, PDs who stood up against the unjustifiable broadcast withholding of `Investigation 60 Minutes` program dealing with a national policy like `4 major River Reorganizing Project` but promoted other executives who opposed to the program.

In fact, the current atmosphere surrounding KBS appears not much different from the period of 1980s (under dictatorship). As such is the case, unjustifiable measure taken against entertainers could be felt as noting extraordinary.

After all, it seems that official statement of KBS express, as nervously as it sounds meaningless, their inmost scream of``How come you expect us to speak the truth?``

(p.s.)Below is a twit mention by dogsul (journalist) back in March.

Control of broadcasts by political power follow 3 distinct steps: (1)abolition of program; (2) replacement of producers; (3)replacement of the cast. In the case of KBS, (1)program such as Current Topics Tonight, Media Focus, Current Events Debate were abolished; (2)the investigating group of producers was disbanded;(3)`pro active entertainers` such as Yoon DH, Kim JD, Kim MH etc were dismissed from their programs.

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