Blue Star Jets proudly announces NYC’s premier helicopter membership club to #TheHamptons - #PrivateJet #Helicopter

New Yorkers understand the pleasure, and ironically, the bane of traveling to the Hamptons in season. All conveyances take time, and woe to the people caught on the Long Island Expressway. The best way to travel to your weekend getaway is by helicopter, naturally.

Blue Star Jets understands the ease and convenience of shuttling by helicopter. The "Hamptons Helicopter Card" allows you to fly the entire season at prices worthy of your Blue Star Jets membership. Head to the heliport, present your card, and enjoy dinner on the beach a half an hour later. Pricing for the 2011 season begins at:

10 one ways : $33,000

20 one ways: $62,000

30 one ways: $90,000

"Hamptons Helicopter Card" pricing is based on 6-seat aircraft (A-Star or Long Ranger) and does not include landing fees or after hours fees.

For more information or to purchase a "Hamptons Helicopter Card", please contact

Carl Nitti
Office 212-810-4843
Cell 347-739-6767

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