My review on BTW;

I think Government hooker really slays. It's one of the best songs on the record, to me. I think I remember lyrics like '' I can be sex '' , '' I can be more ''
When it starts, it sounds exactly like the beggining we heard at Mugler, it's the exact same thing, but there's a new lign, like right after the.... '' I CAN BE COOL she says '' I just, wanna be baaad ''

There's a part of the song that added a new whole dimension and feeling to the Mugler version, though I can't really describe how it songs like, and I'm not sure the word is ''government'', but I guess it is, and let's pretend it is XD something like : '' GAhhhvernment' HOOKAH, Gahhvernement HookaaaHaHaaw ~ '' and it makes the song more fun to sing.. like she says it in an almost childish provocative way.. and the ''Put your hands on me, John F. Kennedy '' is at the end of the song, and I remember a sexy cruel horny Peter's laugh at the end of the song too :P
But honestly, it fucking slays in my opinion. It's just a fucking bad ass song!! It's one of my favorite!

Bad kids...


When it begun, I really thought it was going to be the BEST GAGA SONG OF ALL TIMES.
Like it starts with... I don't know how to explain it... like it sounds like Gaga's doing a speech and she sounds really mad, and it's recorded in bad quality kinda.. she's kinda screaming something like '' IF THEY THINK THEY CAN...torture us (?) '' I don't really remember what she did say, I was trying to focus on the words, and then BAM it stops, music starts with a FUCKING FIERCE ''I'M A BITCH.'' ... and I died. the ''I'm a bitch'' was so fucking FIERCE and unexpected!!! I WAS LIKE OMG THAT'S THE BEST SONG EVER... then.... I don't know why..... BUT the chorus sounds sweet and normal/basic I remember I got bored because the melody didn't really change during the whole song.. ugh.. I was like... GAGA WHY, the beggining killed it and the chorus is just.. nooo. And there's a part in the end where she speaks about how her Mom & Dad made her that way... I can't remember the lyrics but I remember that she was saying something like.. when people ask her where she is that way.. it's because her mom and dad made her that way, she's a bad kid. I don't know why but I didn't really liked that part. It's so sad because the beggining was really EVERYTHING.
There are others lyrics like ''I'm a nerd, I'm absurd, I'm a freak...'' etc.

Scheiße SLAYS.
IT REALLY DOES. LIKE, you can't help yourself NOT DANCING TO THAT SONG, it's really SICK and sounded way better than the Mugler version.
It starts with Gaga singing... well not really singing, it's more like you hear her sexy talking voice saying that faux-german part over and over AND HER VOICE SOUNDS SO CLEAR. It's like she's next to you.. I loved it, it's so different and daring like.. to start a song without any MUSIC. The first thing you hear is her talking voice. No music at all. it's crazy, it's like you hear her talking in a unknown language in such a fierce way, I loved it. The beat is really sick, it's one of the fastest songs & I remember the lyrics were interesting... like I think there's a part about how some are perceived like shit for being different? I think I'm half sure she said shit in english in some part in the song lol, It's killing me that I can't remember these lyrics, I loved it so I really tried to memorize it but once Gaga came in I forgot most of the things (cuz she wasn't there during the whole listening, she only came at the middle).

Marry the night..., the beggining almost sounds like that : & then it gets a bit faster with a different beat as you can listen to it on that 'snippet'
It's a stunning beautiful song, it's really the only song that made me cry. (I didn't want to ruin my make-up, so I was struggling haha) It's so empowering and beautiful, the lyrics are...ah, it just makes you stronger It really touched my heart so deeply. It's just so beautiful. I think it's the most meaningful song & it's not really fast. Gaga's voice is amazing on that song.

Hair made me think of The Edge of Glory, I expected the ''I AM MY HAIR'' to sound fast/rebel/fierce but it sounded kinda slower than I expected, I didn't really LOVED it like the other songs.

I have then a huge problem with Electric Chapel and Bloody Marry, because I'm confusing the two songs because of the religious themes.

Bloody Marry starts with a fucking DARK almost disturbing/depressing athmosphere. It's like you're in the sickest funerals ever. It's really, really dark. Some people got scared there LOL, but I thought the intro was pure genius. It sounds so different compared to all the other songs!!!
It's slow.. almost sinister.. and I'm not sure but after the intro, you hear that music that is in the Gagavision when she's walking on the hotel. I think there was different instruments and stuff, like .. organ stuff I think.. I can't remember well but it sounded dark and beautiful.
I remember the word ''SINS'' like washing away sins... and.. the word ''crucify''..
To me it was a masterpiece, to some others, it was just scary.
But I really loved it.
AND I get confused because I thought the ''Dance dance dance With your hands hands hands Above your head like Jesus'' was from Bloody Marry, I was convinced and when I checked I saw it was from Electric Chapel apparently?

That really confuses me, because Electric Chapel really sounds faster compared to Bloody Marry from what I remember ... like you can hear it in the end of Gagavision 43!

& in Electric Chapel, the song gets slower when she sings a part like '' the electric chaaapel....'' (I think it's ''meet me at the electric chapel'') but I'm not sure.

and the ''dance.. dance.. dance.. with your hands, hands, hands... (..) '' sounds slow and depressing but it's so beautiful... I don't know why but Bloody Marry's athmosphere made me think of Evanescence's Even In death ! I'm not saying it sounds like it, it doesn't at all.. but I'm just talking about the dark athmosphere. She's really got that dramatic voice while singing that. She repeats like 3 times I think.

Maybe there was a slower part on Electric Chapel.. lol anyway that confuses me.

AMERICANO IS..... the ''AAAaaAaaaHHHahahHAHahAAAArgHHh'' on the studio version is the almost the exact same that she sings/yells on the live version, but it's faster and it's SICK.
It's like you want to run while hearing it. XD
Lol, actually, I remember I clapped my hands like flamenco dancers to the beat of that song.
It's really POWERFUL, it's got that HUGE latino/mariachi vibe into it, like it sounds like a pop record mixed with huge latino elements, it's really so good!
The ''Don't you try to catch me, Don't you try to catch me NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!'' is so much FUN, like she insists so much on the NO! NO! NO!!! & on the ''I'm living on the edge of the LAWW LAWW LAWW LAWW''

AMEN FASHION BLACK JESUS slayed me. It really did, just like Heavy metal lover.

THE WAY. GAGA. SAYS. AMEN, FASHION. IS. THE FIERCEST THING. I EVER. WITNESSED. IN. MY. WHOLE. LIFE. I don't know how to explain it properly, but while we were there she was making a kind of a move with her hand, like she raised it in a fierce way at everytime there was the ''AMEN, FASHION'' part. It was like she was PREACHING. This song is fucking fierce. and Gaga really was PROUD when we were listening to it. She looked like a bad ASS bitch. It's one of my favorite.

THE ''JESUS IS THE NEW BLACK'' lign is unexpected, it's like in the middle of the's unexpected and sooooo fierce! I'm sorry I know I'm like using the same words but... it's.. I can't put it in words : (

Fashion of his love = I can't rememeber anything but it wasn't really fast and I didn't loved it like the other songs.
The Queen = I just remember having that face :O when I heard :''tonight I will return..''... I was like OOOOOOH SO ITS FROM THAT SONG!!!
HIGHWAY UNICORN = Made me think of 'The Edge of glory'

I don't remember how it sounded like, unfortunately, but IT GAVE ME LIFE.
JUST the way Gaga says :''Heavy Metal LOVAH'' was enough to slay my life forever ;__;
This woman is way too fierce. ;__;

Anyway, I gave it a 8.5/10 because I disliked Bad kids& I thought some songs sounded a bit alike... But the rest really SLAYED.

So I'd say my favorites are : Heavy Metal Lover, Amen Fashion, Bloody Marry, Marry the night, Scheiße, Governement Hooker, Americano

It's too hard too choose just one or two or three. Not possible

My least favorites : Bad kids, The Queen.

But I don't want people to take my opinions on the song to seriously.. because it was just a first listen, and Gaga was there so I had so much feelings and I was so overwhelmed!!!
I really wanted to do my best to memorize everything that I could because I know how much fans are DYING to know some stuff about the record, I've been there too! But once Gaga came in, I forgot almost every detail of the things I focused in T__T

I hope it was okay <3

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