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10th May 2011 from Twitlonger

#NHL *BREAKING NEWS* -- Source: The Phoenix #Coyotes and Atlanta #Thrashers are not relocating. At least not for now. The NHL, fresh off a newly signed TV contract, is determined to keep those markets and not relocate the franchises. Both teams have been told and are on 1 year statuses to prolong life. The source also confirmed that ATL does have a very serious buyer who is discreetly negotiating with ASG. PHX is trying to get their act together this year with either Matthew Hulsizer or someone else. *If both teams fail to sell, they will be relocated for 2012-13 (Winnipeg, Quebec) having exhausted the laws and regulations required by the NHL constitution. If they are sold and saved, The NHL will then go ahead with a plan for a 4 team expansion aimed for 2014 and 2015. Cleveland (17th largest TV market), Quebec City, Houston (10th) ,Kansas City (30th), Winnipeg, Portland (22nd) and Las Vegas, with a new 18 000 seat arena about to be built by Chris Milam, are the cities being the most seriously considered. The NHL does want expansion to be 4 teams, 2 in Canada and 2 in the US. The expansion teams would be coming in 2014 (2) and in 2015(2).

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