[URGENT] The scanned passports of TVXQ members have been leaked by some some fans via Tweeter and www.baidu.com.

Korean Passports contain the most confidential PERSONAL INFORNATION such as Identification Numbers and it is used for Banking, Credit Cards, Medical Insurance, Housing and all other social life of the members.

Moreover, this information on passport COULD BE ABUSED FOR CRIME.

Any criminals can take #JYJ's identity the members' personal life - it could be abused illegally to invade the members’ privacy and official duties.

Whether it is deleted or not, it is considered VIOLATION OF LAW which could be legally punished.

If you see any of these mentions or files on the internet, Plz capture the evidences and send it to mission4jyj@gmail.com. The Evidence will be sent to C-jeS and used for taking legal actions if necessary.

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