JYJ is too good for music show program degraded as exhibition show of company idols:

4.5%(Music Bank, KBS), 7.3%(Music Center, MBC), 8.0% (InkiGayo, SBS) are viewing rates of music show from 3 major TV stations last week.

Stagnation of music show is not a matter of yester. and today, but a consequence as a matter of course after all similar programs with only different titles have gone degraded as exhibition showcases of idol singers from entertainment companies.

(News article says: In contrast, viewing rate of`Ì am a singer(MBC)`program exceeded 15.1% rating. Now, we can safely say that music show programs which once were representative faces of 3 major TV stations become the least popular program under both categories of music and entertainment)

Music shows having proved no professional insight of recruiting talents brought up onto themselves the singular status quo that`entertainment program dealing with music and guest singers` is attracting even more viewers while music show programs are devaluated as exhibition show supported by school children by many original music fans.

The news article about YG entertainment & Park Bom’s come back song released through internet portal site at the exact broadcasting time of Music bank deliver many valuable messages to JYJ fans who have been longing for TV appearance of JYJ from TVXQ.

It made me think that perhaps we have not been realizing how much out of date it actually is sticking to the possibility of seeing them on TV program representing only 4.5% rating.

It could be that now is the time to reorient the old idea in line with the current trend of approaching the mass through various method of broadcasting.

It might be even reasonable to reconsider whether the status of JYJ from TVXQ supported by world wide popularity and reputation can fit in with music show programs which are not valued at all by the public mass.

It is highly desirable that Cjes look into the matter with flexibility and benchmark the strategy of YG in order to find suitable yet original method of presenting JYJ music to the public.

In this era of fast advancing technologies of internet, there must be a tons of possibilities to establish a foundation for music activity without relying on TV broadcasting.

Today, JYJ world tour concert is held in Beijing as a final stop of Asia. In addition to Junsu’s Mozart sold out in 4 mins, Yuchun’s SKKS doing excellent in Japan, the success of today’s Bejing concert would be felt with no less weight of happiness by their fans.

JYJ from TVXQ! Fighting and Best wishes!



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