Argentinian SMILERS bring their HEARTS to @MileyCyrus's GypsyHeartTour in a Organized Fashion. t ========================================================== Attention all this Friday 06 May to Miley Cyrus concert in Argentina do not forget to wear red cardboard hearts say RADIATELOVE to lift the song "My Heart Beats For Love" ... Those who can carry as many as possible that can be spread If they want to take out a red card 2 hearts (1 in each half). So surprised to Miley, surely you'll love to see the stadium full of hearts that's what the tour is, the set of the concert and all that she wants to make clear in this tour! (PLEASE SPREAD THIS ALL OVER, AND ALL THE FANS OF MILEY IN ARGENTINA TO LEARN. - translated from here... - BY THE TWEETS BELOW THE END RESULT SOUNDS AMAZING YOU ROCK ARGENTINA. Can't wait for the video's. xoxo

RT @lindseyjlee and I are talking about how amazing those hearts in the crowd were. Amazing idea. :) made us all tear up. -
RT @JuliaAllynn WOW Argentina! The hearts?! SO epic! I got teary-eyed! You guys were amazing. TishCyrus1

RT @TishCyrus Tonights show in Argentina could be my favorite show EVER!!! Miley, the Band and Dancers were incredible and the Fans were amazing! RT @mikeschmid Buenos Aires, that was so beautiful when you all held up those big red hearts at the end! How did you organize that?

RT @Vashonjohnson Great fans in Argentina! Where'd y'all get all the hearts?

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