What one member of the Red Crescent had to say following his visit to #Daraa #Syria:

Today as a true eye witness and a Red Crescent FACT team (field assessment and coordination Team) we did an assessment Visit to Daraa city situation and brought some aid items and baby food with us, we also came up with the needs which we are working on for-filling ASAP.

some highlights from the report :

No mass destruction was noticed, water and electricity is available to almost all of Daraa, some shortage in food but not life threatening, army is distributing bread and essential materials to places since most of the shops are closed, shortage in some medicines because the pharmacies among with the shops are closed, water not reaching high floors since no electricity in some places to power the personal pumps, their maybe people whom are afraid to visit the national hospital so SARC will provide mobile clinic for those people in old part of Daraa city ASAP.

The Red Crescent needs your support to help the people in need ASAP. time to put your money were your mouth is and ACT!

you can contact SARC on 133 from any land-line in Damascus from tomorrow for a list of acceptable and needed materials.

Khaled Erksoussi

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